Monday, February 21, 2011

Higher Things Weekend 2/18-20

Well, for about 40 hours, over 200 people (predominantly youth) were gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sheboygan for a Higher Things retreat entitled, Angels & Archangels. You can go to their website and even view some of the services from that Retreat.

Trinity was a very gracious host congregation - great folks there who made us all feel welcome. I could try and say thanks to those involved, but I really don't know all the names of everybody involved, so I will just say thanks to everybody who was a part of making this retreat. Thanks to:
those who organized it,
who planned the meals,
stuck up posters,
cleaned the building,
cooked the food,
gave directions to lost youth looking for a room,
worked on the schedule,
organized the speakers,
planned the worship services,
and generally pitched in and helped in any way whatsoever.

Thank you!

Also a big thank you to all the speakers who taught, imparting great insight through ongoing catechesis to Christian faith and life. I managed to learn a few things, and from the conversations I had on the trip home, so did my youth.

I have been blessed to be a part of a number of Retreats and Conferences, and the youth entrusted to my care have also expressed great enthusiasm about what they learned and were glad to have been fed the Word. It is a blessing to be a part of something which tries so hard to be distinctively Lutheran, rejoicing in what we believe and how we practice and confess those beliefs.

Again, thanks to Trinity Lutheran Church in Sheboygan for their making the Angels & Archangels Retreat such a great event.

Peace of the Lord be with you.


lfreder said...

The retreat was great. I echo your thanks to everyone. Knowing some of those folks personally I know they have worked hard all year to pull off such a huge event. I also know they have started work on next year's retreat.

The worship was awesome. Hearing all those youth singing hymns and liturgy was tremendous.

There was also some really fun times. What a great emcee there was for the Lutheran Idol contest. Comedy Sportz topped last year's performance.

Mark your calendars for next year. You don't want to miss the event.

RevSmoke said...

I know I have 5 youth who want to come back next year, and who have already spoken to others about the fact that they "really missed out."