Thursday, August 21, 2008

New to this

OK, a friend (thanks Rob) told me it was easy to blog. So, here I am. Will I stay? Who knows. Will there be much to read here? Depends on my mood.

The musing may wander from theology to fine smokes to fishing or hunting - or they may wander elsewhere as well. Today, it is just off the cuff and quick.

Theology - Today is a day to teach a few Bible Studies. 1. The Baptism of Jesus 2 & 3. Proverbs chapter 4 (at an assisted living facility and at a retirement community complex) 4. Psalm 49 (yes, four Bible Studies in one day)

Cigar and/or Pipe - Hey, I have four Bible Studies to teach, you think I have time for a smoke? What, are you nuts!!!

Fishing - see the note just above, but I am looking forward to getting on the water soon.

Hunting - Waiting patiently! Took son's rifle to the gunsmith to have a scope put on it. This will be his first year to go way up north. Looking forward to that as well. So far, he's only wounded deer - thankfully, another friend was able to put the deer down so we didn't leave one suffering out in the woods. The bow is ready to go, but will I have the time to scout out a place to do that? Good question!

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